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Rahan NS


Scoil Charthaigh Naofa, Newtown, Rahan, Tullamore, Co. Offaly. 05793-55393.


New Sculpture at St Carthage School Rahan, Called Trinity

An evocative and intriguing new piece of art entitled ‘Trinity’ was erected Outside Scoil Charthaigh Naofa, Rahan on Thursday 28th January.
The striking sculpture by Rathangan artist Brian O’Loughlin comprises of three separate pieces of Bog Oak which were hewn from one original piece. The Principal, Mr Emmet Walsh said “We here in Rahan are very proud of our new school. I feel this sculpture represents the 3 schools in the parish coming together as one. At the foundation of the sculpture are lights which represents the work of the Presentation Sisters in education in our parish since 1817” Rahan boys school and Killina girls schools amalgamated in 2007 to become Scoil Charthaigh Naofa.

In accordance with Rules for National Schools as laid down by the Dept. of Education and Science (DES), an “Interim Manager” (Fr. S. Dunican) has been appointed by the Patron and approved by the DES to take over from the Steering Committee (which was inaugurated four years ago to get the sketch plans approved, Planning Permission granted and the building team selected) to facilitate the creation of the new school. The DES insists that the new complex is a totally new school and not a fusion of two existing schools. Consequently, a new school number was assigned to the new school. Set procedures had to be followed for the appointment of the Principal and Deputy Principal and arrangement of staff. The existing boards of Management cease when the new school opens in September and a new (eight person) Board will be formed to coincide with the formation of all the new Boards of Management in the Diocese for the next four years.The allocation of teachers to the new coeducational classes has already been arranged amicably by both staffs; members of the Parents Associations have decided the design of the new uniforms which will not differ greatly from the ones in current use. The crest (logo) on pullovers will be that of the Presentation Sisters who opened the Girls school in 1817.Families who have recently acquired a dwelling in our Parish may not know of the coeducational nature of our school. Enquiries about enrolment can be made to the Principal elect at 057 9355869.

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