A New Marble Altar

Published on July 10, 2024

A New Marble Altar has been  installed this week in Mucklagh Church. It was originally in the Presentation Convent chapel in Killina.  Thanks to Tony Hickey  and Brian Rennicks from Kells for help with removing old altar and installing the new one. Thanks also to Eddie Dwyer for work done on lighting up the new Stations of the Cross which also came from the Presentation Convent chapel in Killina

An Altar Blessing Blessed are you, Lord our God, who accepted the sacrifice of Christ, offered on the altar of the cross for the salvation of the world. Now with a Father’s love, you call upon your people to celebrate his memory by coming to gather at his table. May this altar, which we have built for your holy  mysteries, be the center of our praise and thanksgiving. May it be the table at which we break the bread which gives us life and drink the cup which makes us one. May it be the fountain of the unfailing waters of salvation. Here may we draw close to Christ,, the    living stone, and, in him, grow into a holy temple. Here may our lives of holiness become a pleasing sacrifice to your glory